La Grave - Charming Bed and Breakfast - How to find us

At La Sauve Majeure - 30km South-East of Bordeaux, in the Aquitaine

Once a year, we cut hays in the meadow  Loupe

If you come to La Grave by car

The two maps below locate us around Bordeaux, then South from La Sauve.

Very often, you will follow your GPS with our address : 1200 route de Bonneau - La Sauve (33670).

La Sauve is in the middle of Entre-Deux-Mers, between Libourne or St Emilion and Cadillac.


La Grave is South from la Sauve, on D120.

When arrived at La Grave, enjoy this peaceful pastoral place.

Domaine de La Grave
La Grave - The whole park

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